Trans Milano

The Trans Milano city guide brings a fresh, honest, and direct perspective of the city to both travelers and locals. It adopts the transgender and LGBTQ community point of view and collects points of interest such as shops, bars, and organisations that provides support. The guide aims to improve accessibility between communities, break barriers and stereotypes, and create a dialogue about and within the LGBTQ community.

It is a puzzle of photographs, interviews, poetry, and a vocabulary. Due to its soft cover and unique bounding technic (a rubber band only), the guide enables easy distribution, sharing and use of its parts jointly or each as a single unit. The design style is on the borderline between fanzine and a magazine, expressing urbanity, and communicates mainly through images and strong typography. Trans Milano documents and celebrates the story of the local’s that makes this city so extravaganza. Check out also the Project’s photography.

P.P. + Gurdeep Labana 2018 C.W. Christian Haas, Raffinerie