"I don't know where
i'm going from here,
but I promise it won't
be boring"

David Bowie

Hi! My name Is Marianne Yarmolinsky Efratie and I am a multidisciplinary visual designer and storyteller, with strong orientation to fashion, art and social design, currently based in Milan. I am creating tailored strategy and visual development thorough identities and branding integrated with Illustration or photography, while developing personal artistic projects that disclose untold important stories.

I am an eternal explorer and always up for a new real or imaginary journey. I get inspired by people, cultures, sounds or plants, and admire big and small details around. I love hearing new stories and always have some to share on my own.

Will be more than glad to hear any thoughts, be in touch and collaborate in new projects! Please don't hesitate to contact me: mariyar@gmail.com




MA‭. ‬Visual Design‭  ‬
Raffles‭, ‬Institute of Fashion and Design‭, ‬Milan‭, ‬Italy

B.Des‭. ‬Visual Communications‭   ‬
Bezalel‭, ‬Academy of Arts and Design‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel


Exhibitions and Publications

Creative Boom
“Mountains in monochrome”, 2017 www.creativeboom.com/inspiration/mari-yarmolinski/

D.A.T.E. Antwerp
Fosbury & Sons, Antwerp, Belgium
Group exhibition, 2017

AAA, Retrospective, Illustration Week
AAA studio & Gallery, Tel Aviv 
Group exhibition, 2016 

Art Fair at Night
Hostel 51, Tel Aviv
Group exhibition, 2016 

Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel
Group exhibition, 2016

"Animalism" , La-Culture, Illustration Week
Mazeh 9, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Group exhibition, 2015

"LOAD", La-Culture
Kuli Alma, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Group exhibition, 2015

Naturally Shoplifters
Shoplifters Gallery, Jaffa, Israel
Group exhibition,2015

Classic Children's book Illustration
"Sipur Pashut" book store, Tel Aviv - Yafo
Group exhibition, 2012